15th - 21st July 2024

Course Content

  • Multibeam Survey

  • Underwater Acoustics Basic & Sonar

  • Sensors Calibration

  • Basic Oceanography

  • Bathymetry Processing

  • Mobilization and Data Acquisition

  • Data Visualization and Analysis


Day 1: Registration and lectures (UMT)

Day 2 - Day 3: At Redang Island

Day 4 - Day 7 : Lab and lectures (UMT)

  • This workshop will be introducing the multibeam seamless workflow.

  • To those who are interested in knowing how to work with the sonar in a proper way and getting the better result.

  • Hands-on practical with the sonar on board for 7 days including installation, echo sounder calibration, and online recording. Using the latest technology for data processing, analysis, and interpretation and 4D visualization and production.

  • From sonar principle and theory, basic sonar equation, multibeam project organization from line planning, sonar selection, project requirements, and QA & QC.

  • The workshop focuses on practicals and spends 69% of the camp time. And intended for beginner and intermediate levels.


Monday to Sunday (15th - 21st July 2024)


Faculty Science & Marine Environment (UMT)

Redang Island

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