The Laser Scanning Mapping Technical Expedition

29th March 2022
Registration at UMT Kenyir Research Station
Recce & Mapping
30th March 2022
31st March 2022

About Bewah Cave, Kenyir Lake

The Expedition

Bewah Cave is one of the best exposure islands in Kenyir Lake. As noted, it serves as a national park in Malaysia, storing its hidden natural beauty of rare and diversified flora and fauna. It is thought to be historically significant, as there have been discovering several archaeological artefacts, and evidence of the human skeletal.
"Map the Cave". The technical expedition will be held at Bewah Cave located in Kenyir Lake aims to map the cave with the laser scanner with various brands as possible and present the data during the expeditions for knowledge sharing.


Pusat Penyelidikan Tasik Kenyir

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Navigator Contact
019 665 1912
Entrance to Pusat Penyelidikan Tasik Kenyir is Pengkalan Lawit